My CHECKLIST has always been a great source of pride for me. I have built it thru the years with hours upon hours of research, proofreading and most of all help from my fellow Rickey collectors. Many items have been added to the list only to be removed later when the item is found to NOT exist. I decided way back when that the list must be complete, meaning it would include everything, Haves and have nots. It includes every 1 of 1 I know of even though many are in the collections of all of you, and I will never have them in my collection. The most incomplete part of the checklist is the Collectibles portion. I know there are many items in your collections that are not on my list. Please let me know what you have so I can add it to my list. Preferrably with a pic or scan and as much detail as you can provide.

The Collectibles section consists of 14 categories and some may be somewhat hard to understand, but if you check out the pics you should be able to figure it out. I will explain anyway. 1) cards with Rickey, commonly referred to as Cameos. These are cards of others that have Rickey included in the photo. 2)Unopened Packs includes any pack where Rickey is visible. 3)Books is any book or booklet that has Rickeys picture or name on the front or back cover, or that includes a feature story or picture of Rickey on the inside. 4) Box/Pack includes any baseball card pack wrapper or box(set or wax) that includes Rickey, usually a card photo. 5) Ballots includes any ballot with Rickeys name included. All Star French & English, MLB or Team ballots are also included. 6)Advertisements is any promotional or advertising item where Rickey is part of the ad. 7) Programs and Becketts self explanatory, programs, media guides, yearbooks and price guides. 8)Collectibles is everything not in one of these catagories. 9)Magazines /Newspapers all periodicals in any format. 10)Posters 11)Checklists Incudes any checklist that includes an actual Rickey Card. 12) Checklist Sets any non-card type checklist that includes an actual Rickey card or collectible. 13)Cards w/Rickey's name A card or collectible that has Rickeys name on it somewhere. I have also included Page-A-Day calendar pages  at the end of this section. 14)Cutouts are actually newsprint type photos of Rickey cards or collectibles "cutout" from the page where they were found. I obviously had way to much time on my hands when I did this, but as it grew I thought it was kinda cool and definitely unique.

Well there you have it, I hope this helps as you look thru my pics and my checklist.

CHECKLIST   This first checklist link will take you to my Cards list. Black I have, Red I need and an x to the left means I have extras for trade or sale.

CHECKLIST 2  This second checklist link will take you to my Collectibles list and is built the same way as the cards with the only exception being it is broken down into categories based on what type of collectible it is.


I would also love to get scans or pics of any item on my list that I do not have, please check the wantlist pic section first because I have about 1500 of these type pictures already. Thank You

My checklist includes items I have, don't have and items that I have extras of, which are available for trade or purchase.

Please if you have anything that is not on my checklist, by all means let me know and I will update my list.

Just send me an email to Thank You
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